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Supporting healing from within



Healing Your Entire Body

Acupuncture is one part of a medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. It has a wide range of benefits, especially for symptoms that tend to be chronic in nature. It is most well known for its benefits with pain management, but is also extremely useful for things like anxiety and mental wellness, women's health and fertility, digestive issues and nausea, as well as other stress related ailments. 

This therapy uses the insertion of tiny needles at specific locations to promote a healing response. Initial treatment includes an extensive health history from a TCM standpoint, plan for extra time at this evaluation. Each session will also include the treatment itself with roughly 30 minutes of rest. 

Initial Intake and Treatment: 90 minutes $125

Follow up treatment: 60 minutes $85

Craniosacral Treatment


Balance and Restore

A gentle and intuitive treatment that helps to unwind the body with the goal of releasing stress and blockages on multiple levels. This hands on therapy is useful for headaches, pregnancy and women's health, joint and muscle pain, mental health and wellness, as well as stress related symptoms. Kayla has been a Certified Craniosacral Therapist since 2016 and continues to help teach courses through the Heartwood Institute in St. Paul.

Hour session $100

Half Hour session $60

Cupping Treatment


Results you can see

Cupping is another modality of TCM. This treatment uses the application of suction to increase blood flow to the area treated. The tool used to create this process is a glass or plastic cup, hence the name! Cupping is helpful for relieving muscle tension and jump starting the healing process. It brings blood flow to the surface of the skin and can cause markings similar to bruising. Every body is different in regards to how long these marks last. Some dissipate quickly, and others linger for a week or more. You can think of cupping as the reverse of a deep tissue massage. Instead of compressing the tissue with pressure, the area is gently lifted to allow space between the muscles and underlying structures. 

Cupping sessions typically last around 30 minutes. 


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